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Breathe new life into your ‘obsolete’ smartphone, use it as a smart home gadget

Most apps offer many of the same features, such as local streaming, cloud streaming, recording and storing footage locally or remotely, and motion detection and alerts. Once you're set up, you will be able to monitor your living space and control your security camera from anywhere, straight from your new phone. One of the best options for setting up your phone as a security camera is Alfred.

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It's cross-platform, so it doesn't matter if your old phone was an Android phone or iPhone. And the same goes for your new phone.

Stay Connected to Home

Alfred is free to use and gives you a remote view of your live feed, motion detection with alerts, free cloud storage, a two-way audio feed and use of both the front and rear cameras. To unlock additional features, like higher-resolution viewing and recording, zoom capabilities, ad removal and day cloud storage, you can upgrade to Alfred Premium. Once both phones are signed in to Alfred, you're pretty much done with the setup. Alfred has simplified the camera options to only include a few settings.

On iOS , you can only enable motion detection, choose between the front and rear cameras and enable or disable audio. If you're using an Android device, you have those options and you can also enable continuous focus, have Alfred automatically reopen if the phone reboots, set a resolution and enable a passcode lock.

From your new phone, you can change a few more settings, such as turning notifications on orff, setting a camera or viewer name, adding other people to your Trust Circle granting other people access to your video feeds , removing a camera, checking how many times a camera has disconnected, settng motion detection sensitivity and enabling a low-light filter on cameras.

While Alfred is a solid choice, keep in mind it's not the only choice.

What You Need to Turn Your Android Phone & Tablet into a Security Camera

Those are all good ideas, but one of the most useful ways to upcycle an old phone is to make it into a wireless security camera. 6 days ago Security Cameras Linked to Phone: Top 4 Things You Need to Know. That’s how security cameras connected to phone work. All you need is a security camera that connects to phone.

Far from it, in fact. Manything , Salient Eye and Presence are all solid free choices with an affordable subscription model if you need more features. After you have the stream up and running, you will need to set up and position the camera.

Which Security Camera Has the Best Picture?

You may want it focused on the main entry point to your home, your backyard, the place where you store valuables or a point you think might be particularly vulnerable. You can also set up an IP camera as a baby monitor. If you have multiple old phones lying around, you can set up multiple cameras for fairly robust video coverage. The Brinno SHC Peephole Camera is an easy—but expensive—way to detect and capture evidence of package theft and knock-knock burglaries.

The Canary View makes a great companion to the Canary All-In-One, but it's also a strong home security camera on its own. The Maximus Camera Floodlight delivers a strong set of features at a compelling price. The Netatmo Presence is an exceptionally good, easy to install outdoor security camera that can replace your porch light. If image quality and ease of use are priorities, the Reolink C2 Pro is a great security camera for your home or small business. The Reolink Go is a great security camera option for locations where Wi-Fi connectivity isn't available, but it requires access to T-Mobile's cellular network.

The Wisenet SmartCam N2's reliable facial detection makes it a great option for keeping tabs on your kids or elderly parents. The addition of some welcome features improves an already impressive budget-priced home security camera. The Wyze Cam Pan offers premium pan-and-tilt functionality at a ridiculously low price.

Canary is a strong home-security system with a few significant shortcomings. Smart-home buffs will find much to love about this camera, but other users might want a simpler security solution. The Swann Indoor Camera is a great entry-level option with sharp video, reliable motion detection, and voice control capability.

The Swann Outdoor Security camera is a straightforward solution that's ideal for first-time users. Michael Ansaldo is a veteran consumer and small-business technology journalist. Home security camera cheat sheet Our quick-hit recommendations: Best indoor home security camera: Arlo Pro 2 two-pack Best outdoor security camera: Deep Sentinel home surveillance system [deepsentinel. Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission.

Read our affiliate link policy for more details. At a Glance. Deep Sentinel home surveillance system. Pros Live agents monitoring the camreas can prevent and report crimes AI distinguishes between benign and suspicious activity Creates a security perimter around your home. Arlo Pro 2 two-pack. The Arlo Pro 2 adds polish to an already impressive camera. Pros Can be use indoors or outdoors Customizable motion zones Can operate on either AC power or a rechargeable battery. Cons Motion zones are only enabled when connected to AC power. Arlo Go.

Outdoor Smartphone Compatible Security Cameras:

Pros Connects to the internet from anywhere with celluar service Excellent video quality Can operate on battery power, so it's entirely wireless. Cons More than twice the cost of many very good Wi-Fi security cameras that aren't battery powered Entails the recurring cost of a mobile data plan. Amazon Cloud Cam. Cons Some advanced features require a cloud-storage subscription No provision for manually recording video or taking a screenshot of your feed You'll need to buy a replacement power cord to enroll in the Amazon Key service. Nest Cam IQ Outdoor. Pros 4K sensor and p video Facial recognition and intelligent audio alerts Supports motion and audio detection zones.

Cons Requires you to drill a hole in your exterior wall Expensive. Ooma Butterfleye. Cons Some features require a cloud subscription No conventional night vision. Ring Spotlight Cam Solar. Pros All the same features as the excellent AC-powered model Solar panel included in the package. Cons Lack of local storage means video won't record if you lose your internet connection. Ring Spotlight Cam Wired.

The Spotlight Cam provides great security for vulnerable outdoor areas. Pros Spotlights activate when motion is detected Customizable motion zones Does not require wiring to indoor outlet. Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera. The Mi offers flexible, full-featured home security at a budget price.

Pros p video with motion detection Smart identification feature won't record identified family members within limitations Can customize motion-detection sensitivity for different areas within a room. Cons No sound detection.

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Pros Detects motion and knocks on your door Logs video of all your visitors Concealed from anyone coming to your door. Cons Costs as much or more than some full-featured security cameras. Canary View.

Pros Budget-friendly price Supports person detection and motion detection zones Easy-to-use app. Cons A Membership subscription is required to unlock all of its features. Maximus Camera Floodlight. Pros High-quality security camera Floodlights illuminate a large area Two-way communication, pre-recorded greetings, and a dB siren. Nest Labs Nest Cam. Pros Sleek, sturdy construction Accurate motion detection Easy-to-use app. Cons Nest Aware subscription required to access most security features Sends alerts only once every 30 minutes Weak sound detection.

Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera.

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Cons Might not match your architectural aesthetic Operates only on 2. Reolink C2 Pro. Pros Excellent image quality Can record continuously or as motion is detected Does not require a subscription for cloud storage. Reolink Go home security camera.

Pros 4G connectivity lets you connect anywhere you get T-Mobile cellular service PIR motion detection minimizes false alerts Simple setup.